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With the help of Jeshua, we have prepared several papers on different topics to help study groups to better understand certain principles. Some of the papers have “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM) paragraphs blended with “The Way of Mastery” paragraphs to enhance the topics of discussion. You are free to download these files, print them and share them in your study groups. The last page of each paper has copyright approval along with some other requirements. Click on any pdf file below to download or print the paper. If you use a browser to print, set the print scale to 100%.

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You Are  – And Listen Carefully – You Are Already An Ascended Master!

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The Way of Mastery:

The Way of Mastery with A Course in Miracles (ACIM):

The Way of Mastery – Page Number Differences Page Number Cross-Reference Listing Between the Original and Enhanced Versions
Click here to view a PDF document which displays the differences between the Original and Enhanced versions.