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At the Shanti Christo Foundation, we have the honor to serve, share, and distribute the teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) in a book titled: The Way of Mastery. This three-part book contains the “way” that was taught to Jeshua when He walked this Earth. In His own words, Jeshua explains the three parts:

The Way of the Heart is the final pathway that any soul can enter. For it is that way that was taught to me. It is that way, alone, which allows you to come to rest in the Perfect Peace from which you have sprung forth. The Way of the Heart is the preparation which allows The Way of Transformation to truly occur.”

The Way of Transformation, then, involves the deliberate decision to allow the translation of perception so that it becomes of one mind, of one accord, with the Mind of God. And is that way in which one becomes empowered in every moment. The Way of Transformation is a journey without distance to a goal that has never changed.”

“In The Way of Knowing, we begin to bring you into that which you have chosen to bring yourself to – to stand at the doorway of the Temple of Heaven, to begin to open it, to let the Golden Light stream out.”

The Way of the Heart and The Way of Transformation and The Way of Knowing, has been by design to lead you to see that Love is unconditional and is the only thing worth valuing.”

May you remember the Truth of who you really are – the thought of perfect Love in form – through this extraordinary work, The Way of Mastery. If you commit to the transformation of your heart and of your mind, it will occur. We are all here “as Love in form,” as Jeshua so lovingly reminds us:

“Become the living embodiment of Love and journey into an entirely new dimension of being. And never forget to sing, laugh, dance and play along the way!”

“Is not that ‘call to awaken’ alive within you? Oh, beloved friends, you know that it is!” ~ Jeshua

The Way of Mastery

The extraordinary and transformation teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph who speaks not as a savior above us, but as our brother and our friend to gently and lovingly guide us to remember the Truth of our being.

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OUR Essential Purpose

As well as publishing The Way of Mastery and related materials, the Shanti Christo Foundation has a very important divine function to fulfill. In order to understand this vital function, we have prepared a realization paper called: “Let Us Continue in the Greatest Story Ever Told.”

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Study Groups

Meeting with a group can be a wonderful way to connect with other people whose lives have been touched by Jeshua’s teachings. To locate a study group in your area or to add your name as a facilitator, go to our Study Groups page.

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wisdom quotes

The quotations are from “The Way of Mastery”.

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