About the Foundation

The Shanti Christo Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization which is dedicated to disseminating the transformational teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) by making available the great body of work you’ll find in this site.

However The Shanti Christo Foundation is much more than that!

“It is indeed a Family. Those who have chosen to embrace the invitation have awakened to their own call and recognize that this is where they need to be, this is what they’ve been looking for, this is home. It also means they are awakened to the responsibility for being the one who brings forth Shanti Christo in every action, in every thought, in every deed. To begin to truly master the use of time … to come together as a family, committed to one another, willing to create the nucleus of the vibration or the frequency that will become strong enough to be as a light or a beacon that will begin to attract those who are still fearful. To support one another, to love one another, to guide one another, to be patient with one another, to envision with one another, to empower one another, to teach each other that you are each the messiah, and to no longer be willing to tolerate any thought of limitation.” ~ Jeshua

The Vision

It is easier to use Jeshua’s words than to attempt to write something new. Therefore, that which was birthed as Shanti Christo or the Peace of Christ is “about dissolving the deepest, innermost bastion of strength in which the ego is running the show.” It is “the birthing of a multitude of Christs that dwell upon Earth at the same time. It has never been done before. Imagine a world with ten million awakened Children of God fully awake not just as a belief or an idea, but who have mastered fear, who no longer live in doubt, whatsoever, and are busy creating universes that mirror perfectly the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.”

It’s not about creating some elitist center where only one teacher is followed. In fact, it’s not about following any teacher. It’s about being your own master and celebrating and rejoicing mastery within each other, seeing the face of Christ in each other, and creating that vortex which welcomes the whole of creation and lets it know that it’s safe to release guilt, to release fear, to become vulnerable again.

It’s about being the presence of Love. Being a demonstration that only Love heals. For Love transcends every dogma, every philosophical pattern, every religious belief, every spiritual technique. Love transcends them all and can infuse them all to become the viable means through which someone can awaken.

How Is This Accomplished?

It begins with the desire to awaken; to know the Truth. It begins with the individual commitment to uproot everything and anything unlike Love. To teach only Love, to literally be that Love.

The material you will find on this website, most specifically, The Way of Mastery, contains the pathway if you will, that was taught to Jeshua and now given to us as that “way” which will take you from fear to Love, from insanity to sanity, from dreams to Reality. We suggest then, that you begin only where you can….with yourself.

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If the material you find here has a resonance with you, take the time to study it, put it into practice, meet with others by joining a study group or forming one of your own. Contact the Foundation regarding gatherings in your area or organize a gathering in your area. Begin to network with others who are a part of the “family”. We will support you in any way we can.

When asked what anyone can do to further the Vision of Shanti Christo, Jeshua said, “The only thing you can do to serve Shanti Christo is to continually be willing to heal more deeply within and to express that healing more and more masterfully in all of the moments of your relationships dedicated to holiness.”

Obtaining Permission to use SCF Material

All content found on this website, including all books, e-books, MP3s and CDs, are Copyright by the Shanti Christo Foundation (SCF), and may not be duplicated, copied, modified or adapted in any way without the SCF’s written permission.  SCF, however, grants permission to use quotes of 500 words or less as long as credit is given to SCF and its website, www.shantichristo.com, including source and page number for the quoted material.

If over 500 words are to be used, obtain permission by contacting the Foundation at: staff@shantichristo.com.  Include in your request the specific material involved, the proposed medium, and the purpose of its use.