Study Groups

SCF feels that the material offered by Jeshua is a self-study course. However, meeting with a group can be a wonderful way to connect with other people whose lives have been touched by Jeshua’s teachings. Group meetings can help anchor the lessons, provide support and an opportunity to join and celebrate together. We also realize that those who embark on truly living the ideas found in The Way of Mastery lessons may want continued reinforcement, encouragement, and love. A group can be a marvelous way to nurture the growing Christ.

To see our Facilitator papers: click here.

Locate A Study Group

To locate a group in your area or to add your name as a facilitator, go to one of our Study Groups List pages here: USA List or International List.

Study Group Coordinator

To contact our Study Group Coordinator, Soonhee Hong-Johnson: click here.

Study Group Guidelines

Although we have no requirements other than a deep desire to share with anyone who resonates with the beautiful lessons from Jeshua, we strongly suggest that study group facilitators be those who have spent time with these lessons prior to becoming one who facilitates an on-going group.

We have prepared a guideline document called “Suggested Guidelines for The Way of Mastery Facilitators” (Click here) in PDF format to help with starting an on-going group study. You may download, print and share these guidelines.

The Way of the Heart, The Way of Transformation and The Way of Knowing are available in one volume, hard bound and beautifully presented.

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