Questions and Answers From The Way of Series

Thank you for your interest in the Shanti Christo Foundation. The questions below are those most commonly asked about “The Way Of” series.  To see an answer just “click” the appropriate question.

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Q1. I understand healing as Jeshua speaks of it in A Course in Miracles, yet what needs to occur for bodily symptoms to no longer be in one’s experience?
Q2. What did you experience when you went to the desert for forty days and forty nights? And what was the purpose of doing a fast?
Q3. Please comment on Mary and the messages that are being published recently as coming from her.
Q4. How can I integrate the breath work and techniques that I am learning this week with your lessons in the Course in Miracles?
Q5. Can you speak about the need, or lack of need, to work directly with the dark side, both on the physical and astral plane?
Q6. How can I tell the difference between old ego habits of feeling and feelings which need to be felt to completion?
Q7. If God wants only me to be happy and doesn’t require any specific action of me, what does it mean to be the servant of God? Is there a divine plan for action God would have us follow, or are the actions given us based wholly upon our momentary self-perceptions? Do we have to do things here in a particular way?
Q8. How can we bring to light unconscious blocks that keep us from manifesting our heart’s desire?
Q9. What is the interplay between playing out strong attachments, habits, compulsions, addictions, in order to let them go with gentleness and understanding, or using discipline and self control to end these attachments?
Q10. This question is from New Jersey. During a period of higher consciousness, I was aware of a presence that encompassed individuals. It was plain to me that it performed a function of guiding the person into appropriate experiences. I’m not clear if this is what you call The Holy Spirit. It seemed to be like an Oversoul of the person. Would you please clarify this presence and the Holy Spirit?
Q11. What is the difference between that which needs to be healed and just being the perfect being we are?
Q12. Is it necessary, Jeshua, to go to the other aspects of ourselves and ask forgiveness for errors that we feel we have made?
Q13. Can you elaborate on the importance of our natal charts and the different influences and energies that transits in astrology bring?
Q14. Can you talk about initiations, and passing through them, and, then, having similar energies represent themselves again at a different level of the spiral?
Q15. I would like to hear Jeshua address the following issue brought to my attention by one who does not embrace our path or beliefs. This person quotes, “The message from Jeshua tends to privatize spirituality and right action. One could easily forget or rationalize away one’s responsibility to the poor and oppressed.”
Q16. I understand that the path of the poor and oppressed is their path. However, when and how will they understand, comprehend, that they are not victims? And how can they, too, participate in embracing ascension? Do we have a responsibility to bring the message, help them spiritually and physically to throw off the bonds? I feel a need to share the Love. How is this to be done?
Q17. Jeshua, how does one teach a young child peace and Love when they’re acting out their fear and anger?
Q18. On the day of your crucifixion, it was told that you spoke the words, Father, why hast Thou forsaken me? Can you elaborate on that? Will you?
Q19. There seem to be many, many women who tap into memories and experiences of being Mary Magdalene. Can you talk about that, or the fragmentation of that one soul?
Q20. You had mentioned you’re coming through 2,003, or so, other people. And there have been several people out there claiming to have channeled St. Germain. And we have been told by Jonah that nobody does channel St. Germain. They only receive thought forms. So the question is: Are there people out there who are authentically channeling our mutual friend, St. Germain?
Q21. Who are the other masters occasionally mentioned?
Q22. What is the difference between judging and discerning? And what guidelines can we observe to better practice discernment?
Q23. How is vulnerability the sure path to invulnerability?
Q24. Then this is a metaphor— vulnerability. Did you learn that on the cross? Was that the message of the cross? Vulnerability and invincibility?
Q25. Jeshua states that He has never enlightened anyone. Yet the Sufi and Hindu traditions, including a number of gurus, state that they do most of the work for one person. They say that once someone surrenders to them, through their own God Consciousness, they can bring that being to Oneness. There are also traditions which state that one must look into the eyes of a true guru to become enlightened. Let’s face it, it does sound quicker and easier. Is this a different state of awareness? Was this tradition meant for a different era?
Q26. How do you know if you are truly being guided?
Q27. Jeshua, you have mentioned that all events are neutral several times. Could you please take that and go deeper with that and explain it for us?
Q28. Please explain more about the paradox of living as one Christ Consciousness and yet also living in an individuated body and ego.
Q29. Can you talk about what the perception of the New Age movement is regarding “up and out,” riding the ascending current and ignoring what we call the “shadow side,” and how to balance the . . . not to be in denial of the shadow? Can you just discuss that – riding the ascending and descending currents, in less than ten minutes?
Q30. Each soul has the same purpose, that is, to wake up fully from separation from God. Yet, within the dream, in space and time, based on soul experiences and predilections, do we have our own unique purpose?
Q31. Could you please elaborate on the Lineage, and how one comes to be in your lineage, and speak of soul groups?
Q32. Jeshua, could you help us define Knowledge or Knowing?
Q33. Over the years we have seen many people who appear to get right to the crux of their blocks, and then they stop. After, they will pull away. And sometimes there can be projection, the forming of “glee clubs,” and even outright attack. Could you speak to what’s occurring there, as well as the best way to deal with it?
Q34. How do I not keep one love for myself and yet continue loving myself?
Q35. Since we do not know what our brother or sister needs, is it possible that the Holy Spirit would guide us to say and do things that others would react vehemently to, such as You did when You yelled and got angry at the moneychangers? Is it true that we can’t put a lid on how the guidance of the Holy Spirit would sound or look?
Q36. Jeshua, in A Course In Miracles you say something about the “Great Rays of Light.” What is that about?
Q37. You say that everyone is Christ, yet even among highly enlightened beings, there seems to be some difference. Does everyone have their own unique soul essence?
Q38. What is the difference between joy and pleasure, and why do a lot of spiritual traditions denounce pleasure?
Q39. Can you explain more about the free will of children, because it often appears that they are at the mercy of their parents’ choices?
Q40. There are two religious movements dear to me that I’ve seen growing over the
past twenty years. These are the Christian Pentecostal and the New Age. How have
you been an influence in their growth and development, and how do you feel about
them now? If you had the opportunity to address these groups, what message
would you desire to communicate to them?
Q41. What is the difference between a twin flame and soul mate? Please describe
the importance of bringing two whole people to a relationship and maintaining
uniqueness while creating synergy.
Q42. I recently saw a friend’s heart with my inner eye. And the symbol was a beautiful
Cross of Light. I would like you to elaborate on the symbology of the cross.
Q43. The Shanti Christo board had a phone conference today, and I asked if anybody
had any questions at this time. And they suggested that we just ask you if you could
speak to us – the board and the members as well – about the direction we’re going and
anything that you would care to address about the frequency of Shanti Christo and
what we can do to keep our frequencies in alignment with the vision.
Q44. There is a book out now, and it is called The Bible Codes. And there’s been
discovered a secret code in the Torah, which indicates a lot of events that have
occurred now, in this time frame. Would you care to elaborate on the validity of that?
Q45. What motivates you? How does an enlightened person move throughout his
or her day? Apparently you have moved into a state of Oneness with Source, yet you
still have a distinct, unique personality. You are still a Self, yet you are also One with
God. Can you describe what this state is like for us?