About Jeshua

“Two thousand years ago, as you understand time, I came with a very simple message. And the message was the message of forgiveness. I have come yet again in many ways giving the same simple technology, for it alone works. And yet the mind would have you believe that you must constantly make it more difficult. Surely there is something else to acquire, some great power, some great mystical experience. If only I could get all my outer affairs in order, then I’ll remember to forgive the world because I’ll be comfortable. Rest assured, that what you want to see reflected in the world around you is influenced by, is an extension of, the quality of awareness that you allow within your consciousness moment to moment.” ~ Jeshua

Jeshua is an ancient mystical name that signifies bringing the formless into form…

The beautiful and inspiring message and lessons that you’ll find within this website and within the products offered through our store are indeed those of Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), as channeled during the years 1994-1999.

Jeshua has stated repeatedly that He comes through many with different forms of the universal curriculum, all designed to attract many minds into awakened consciousness.

The distinct flavor and languaging of Jeshua’s message offered by the Shanti Christo Foundation is that of the Judea-Christian tradition. He speaks of the Father or Abba. He speaks of the Holy Mother. He refers to humanity as the Sonship and directs us to the atonement or the uplifting of all humankind. He is very clear that for those who have had relationship with Him over time, Shanti Christo is a doorway through which He can create a gathering frequency, through which He can call those to Him who, because of past experiences, have come to love Him and trust Him as one who can carry them home

For those within different pathways or traditions of spiritual learning, there is much here with which you will resonate also. For beneath the language of Father and Son, there lies the One Mind speaking to us with words of truth and wisdom, reminding us that only Love is real and of the ways we each can allow Love to inform our thoughts, actions and gestures. For it is in being that Love and extending that Love into the world that we awaken from the illusion of duality and our world becomes transformed.

We invite you to experience a sampling of Jeshua’s message on different topics by using this link. You can also preview His teachings on any of our recordings or books by visiting the store.