I think this book will one day become a classic. If you enjoy reading books that take your understanding of Truth to an entirely new level and rock your world, BUY THIS BOOK. In my opinion, it’s one of the most wonderful books ever written. David Paul Doyle, author of The Journey That Never Was.

Through modern-day examples and heart-centered emphasis, Jeshua’s inspiring words in The Way of Mastery extend a message of hope, healing, service, and most of all, love. Having this work now available in an affordable, one-book, easy-to-read format is such a blessings. Thank you! ~Janet Reid

For me, the Course in Miracles is the foundation and The Way of Mastery is the house. Together they make a magnificent Mansion in the Kingdom of God. As we accept the Word of God through these teachings, we will dwell in that Mansion. ~Kevin Fitgerald, Course in Miracles teacher for the Center of Universal Truth

I just picked up the book this AM for my meditation and I am so grateful…reminds me very much of ACIM and all that I’ve read and done in the past, but with a new freshness for me. Thank you. ~Jill Scott

For anyone who aspires to reach that level of unconditional love in which the joy of Life can be felt and expressed to the world, The Way of Mastery is the perfect guide. The words of Jeshua are profound and loving and masterfully present the two pathways to unconditional love spoken of by all mystics: the way of the heart and the mind. To put these lessons into practice is indeed to know the lived experience of unconditional love. ~Tera Judell, therapist