Jeshua’s Message

This page is dedicated to comments made by Jeshua on a variety of subjects we thought might be of interest to you. All of these statements in their entirety may be found in the material sold on this website.

As with all Truths, as they are absorbed as information and allowed to mature into understanding, old styles of thinking are surrendered and a new awareness emerges which uplifts all of humanity.

Jeshua’s messages include:

About Shanti Christo

I have committed myself to gently directing the birthing and the manifestation of what you have come to call Shanti Christo. The idea was given by me. And what I give, I nurture. And what I create, together with you, I do not abandon.

I love you and that which is called Shanti Christo. I’ve said many times that it is designed to express Christ Consciousness and to bring Christ Consciousness to this planet in ways that have not yet been done before. That must mean that it must operate differently. So it is, so it shall be!

You are also that One who has dared to be bold enough to allow Shanti Christo into your life – a rather radical organization. You created it as the context for your awakening. And you are free to use that context, that organization, to enlighten the entire planet, if you want to.

The Lineage, then, never ceases working in establishing the network of light that allows the expression of this Light – visibly – through the vehicle called Shanti Christo. The invitation, then, is to take up your rightful place by stepping into the full commitment for the birthing of this extraordinary expression that shall, indeed, eventually touch all corners of your planet.

All of you are a part of this. This is how extraordinary you are! And this is the invitation that we constantly extend to you. Think not that that which is Shanti Christo is simply another worldly organization. The deepest levels of transfiguration are already occurring through this Lineage, through this strand or Ray of Light. Therefore, indeed, embrace that which you are, honor that which you are, extend that which you are. Go and teach all nations. Let them know that I have come again and that this expression, called Shanti Christo, shall become, increasingly, a primary vehicle through which the Lineage is creating the vortex, the portal, the initiation – call it what you will – the energy of transfiguration that will quicken in its Enlightenment, of Atonement, of the Sonship.

Something in you has attracted you to me. Something in you has attracted you to the Lineage. Something in you resonated with Shanti Christo, for those words carry the vibration of the call that I have told you, from a time quite ancient, you would one day “hear” as you become “quickened from the dead,” to use a Christian phrase, the awakening of the soul, the call back home to the family, to the Lineage, to the purpose of the Atonement.

Rest assured there is a safety mechanism built into this vibration. This vibration cannot be manipulated or used for personal gain. It cannot be misdirected, for the mind that may be attracted to it and then sort of bounces off and goes to the left or right is one that merely realizes that this vibration requires…what is your phrase…the “getting real”. This is a vibration and a portal that helps souls step into the next vibration. You can’t sneak anything past the ego-detector.

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