On the Kingdom

This page is dedicated to comments made by Jeshua on a variety of subjects we thought might be of interest to you. All of these statements in their entirety may be found in the material sold on this website.

As with all Truths, as they are absorbed as information and allowed to mature into understanding, old styles of thinking are surrendered and a new awareness emerges which uplifts all of humanity.

About the Kindgom

The Kingdom is simply the eternal union of God and His Holy Child.

The Kingdom is the simplest of the simple. It requires literally no effort, for effort is of the world, not of the Kingdom. The journey to the Kingdom truly begins when you completely decide to assume complete responsibility for exactly what you are experiencing in any moment, without fail, without justification, without explanation.

The Kingdom is joy, and the Kingdom is Creation and creativity. The Kingdom is compassion. The Kingdom is Love. The Kingdom is about this much willingness, that’s all. A pinch of willingness can work miracles.

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