On himself as Jeshua

This page is dedicated to comments made by Jeshua on a variety of subjects we thought might be of interest to you. All of these statements in their entirety may be found in the material sold on this website.

As with all Truths, as they are absorbed as information and allowed to mature into understanding, old styles of thinking are surrendered and a new awareness emerges which uplifts all of humanity.

About himself as Jeshua

Those who would see me as someone filled with a lot of this great cosmic wisdom, please see me differently. I am empty and spacious, resting in quiet adoration and devotion of all that my Father is. Witnessing nothing but miracles, and that which extends and radiates the Love of God through all creation. And if in your mind you see it not, it only means that you have not yet been willing to train your mind to teach only Love. To give up all your own ideas, moment to moment, breath to breath. I am nothing special. I am merely your equal. Your brother and your friend.

I am your friend because a friend in ancient times was not a word that should be taken lightly. A friend was one who was committed to seeing past any illusions, any doubts, and fears. Not to not see them, but to see through them and beyond them to the great ray of light that shines forth from the Mind of Christ that dwells within you as your only reality. Therefore, when I say I come as your brother and as your friend, rest assured I come to celebrate the reality of your beauty, your joy, your truth, your radiance, your wisdom.

I came into this world as a Light unto the world. Does this make me different than you? Some of you in your religions have been taught that I came forth from the Mind of God to save you, that I was the only begotten Son of God, and I guess that makes you His adoptees, if you choose Him. Nothing could be further from the truth. I came forth from the Mind of God exactly as you have come forth.

All I am is as a mirror and a demonstration mirroring back to you what has lain sleeping within your hearts: A demonstration of the potential that you already contain. Indeed, all that I am and all that I brought forth upon this your beloved Earth was but the Truth of your own being.

I come forth to any mind that prepares a place for me by choosing to relinquish the burden of trying to be conformed to a thought system, to a way of life that does not work. I come forth because we are friends. I come forth for the simple joy of abiding with you.

It is not true that I came to this planet fully awake, popped into a womb without the help of what you call the normal means. It is not true that I was sitting next to my Father and he said, “Look, would you mind going down?” and I said, “No problem.” If I did not walk this planet as a man, if I did not feel all that you have felt, if I did not perceive what you have perceived, if I did not know judgment, if I did not know fear, if I did not know sadness, if I did not know love, if I did not know the cold of the skin, if I did not know doubt, the longing, the desire to search and to seek….then nothing I ever did, and nothing I have ever said to you…whether then, whether since then, or whether now in the many multitude of forms in which I’m seeking to communicate to your humanity…none of it means anything and has no value…unless I have been where you are.

In the field of the body-mind, if I were to have come to you three, four, five, ten, or two thousand years ago and said, “You are, alone, that One. You are God and only God exists,” your fear, already present, would have been heightened. And so I came to you in the guise of a man known as Jeshua ben Joseph. I played out a perfectly clear drama, like so many body-minds. I allowed myself to be perceived as a unique individual, since you believed that unique individuals exist.

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