On Earth Changes

This page is dedicated to comments made by Jeshua on a variety of subjects we thought might be of interest to you. All of these statements in their entirety may be found in the material sold on this website.

As with all Truths, as they are absorbed as information and allowed to mature into understanding, old styles of thinking are surrendered and a new awareness emerges which uplifts all of humanity.

About Earth Changes and This Age

Whenever you hear of a teacher teaching this, or a teacher teaching that, ask yourself: do they offer me simplicity or complexity? Do they offer an ordinary peace, or must I have several trappings around me? Do they give me complex meditations and prayers and things to do, or do they simply remind me of the Truth and ask me to rest in it? Will they tell me that I need to go on a thousand pilgrimages? Or do they remind me that when I make my cup of tea in the morning, Heaven is present if I will remember who is making the tea: Christ.

Be you therefore not distracted. For in the end of this Age there is coming forth a whole smorgasbord of those who profess to be teachers of enlightenment, who will guide you into all knowledge. Look carefully and see, do they demand of you that you follow them? Do they demand of you that you give up your own discernment? Or do they egg you on to look deeper within?

Use time constructively. You can heal your heart, you can practice forgiveness, you can awaken as Christ. You’re going to have to because the planet is doing the same thing, and if you don’t come with her you won’t be able to handle her light and her frequency and you’ll need to move to a different neighborhood. That’s all. No judgment, no fear, no being struck dead by God…only a simple offering. You can awaken now, or you can awaken somewhere else, later.

What you are seeing on the planet is a polarization that is occurring because every soul is being confronted by the decision to heal and to forgive. Or to hold onto the idols of their woundedness and to judge.

The more that souls choose to awaken and to heal, the less the need for shocking circumstances to get their attention. The more mankind awakens, the easier the transition of the Earth.

There is much being taught in your world that is not correct. Anything based on fear is incorrect. Anything based on the end of creation, even in positive terms, is incorrect.

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