Questions and Answers From The Way of Series – 44

Q44: There is a book out now, and it is called The Bible Codes. And there’s been
discovered a secret code in the Torah, which indicates a lot of events that have
occurred now, in this time frame. Would you care to elaborate on the validity of that?

A: Indeed, beloved friend. It is not by accident – as nothing is – that it is come to pass that
the question is being asked now. Anyone who has listened closely to what I just shared
with you should have a good smile and a good laugh, recognizing that the question about
these Bible codes is in perfect alignment with what has been shared.

There is, indeed, what you could call, a secret code that passes through the Torah. It will
not be discovered to be as clear as expressed in the New Testament, except through
certain strands of my teachings. That secret code is like a road map, laid under the field
of Creation of humanity. For remember, from the time the dream of separation first entered
into the mind, the Father created its correction. And that correction is being played out in
the field of space and time. That which was called the Torah was, indeed, written by
prophets, if you will – mystics would be another word; or, how about channels? – who
received guidance to tell stories, some of which, by the way, are fictional, and yet, carry
what you call a mythical element. They are fiction, not as a lie, but as stories designed to
prompt the soul to remember the Truth.

Within these books of the Torah, then, there has been a strand of Light, like a thread
woven through it all, that carries little molecules, or little atoms of essential Truth, revealing
and carrying forth God’s plan for the enlightenment of His Creation. Within this strand, yes,
many events have needed to come to pass. Many events in your world are secondary, or
third or fourth in levels of importance. Some are quite primary within the greater expression
of God’s plan. I am mentioned in the Torah seventy times. I do not mean here by the words
that you would read in your scripture of the Torah, but through that which can be revealed
through these Bible codes.

All of this is to say that it was already known by the Lineage that a day would come within
this Family, called the Jewish nation, that a certain one would be born who is like the fruit
of the fruit. There is some of Moses, some of Ezekiel, some of every prophet within me,
as that strand of Light, emanating from Abba, culminated in the expression of the Life of
Jeshua ben Joseph, mirroring the Truth of every soul back to Itself, even though it was so
deeply asleep. Whether it be Judas, or Esther, or Mary – all of them – every being who has
ever come to hear of my Life, no matter how asleep they’ve been, Abba, through me,
created that which models the Truth of every soul. That is what I meant when I said I was
merely a prototype for what is to come, and what I meant when I said:

  • Greater works than these will you do.
    For there is great power – exponential power – when there are ten Christs as
    opposed to one, or fifty thousand Christs as opposed to ten. That’s what’s coming
    on your planet. A planet of Christs. And then, as they say in your language, look out!

Therefore, indeed, the code is valid. It’s not by accident that it is only being unraveled now,
with your high technology. It required that technology to even begin to discover it. It does,
indeed, predict many events that have come to pass, but this is only to remind you that all
is already in the Hands of your Creator. Darkness cannot overcome Light. Fear cannot
defeat Love. Hell cannot replace Heaven. The dream of separation cannot replace the
Reality of perfect union. The spell or illusion of what you would call maya, cannot come to
overshadow enlightenment. There are many ways to put that duality, but it comes down
to the same thing, and it’s the very same thing that I have been speaking to you for hours
and hours and hours over these many years. There is something being enacted on the
human plane. It is the awakening from illusion to Reality played out in the field of space
and time, played out in the field of your own consciousness, which mirrors, or recapitulates,
the dream that the Son of God has chosen to have. It is just a dream. And guess who wins
in the end?

Yes, there is a code within the Torah. It will be found, eventually, to extend through the
teachings of mine that are yet pure, and purely recorded in what is called the New
Testament. But it will not be found to permeate all books of the Bible. The Torah, my
teachings in the New Testament, and little smatterings here and there elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the code requires that the individuals using it be willing to ask bold
questions. So far, they have asked conservative questions because they are
conservatively-minded. But that’s perfectly okay. All that matters here is that you recognize
that this is simply more evidence for the Truth I have shared with you many times. Namely,
that in the moment the dream of separation was created, the Father created the correction,
and it is in place. It’s already occurring, it’s always been occurring, and it will not fail!

Does that sufficiently answer your request?