Questions and Answers From The Way of Series – 39

Q39: Can you explain more about the free will of children, because it often appears that they are at the mercy of their parents’ choices?

A: Remember that in the bigger picture there is only One Mind, playing out the dream of separation and awakening to the Reality of Love. Now, in the complexity of this journey, there is that which is called karma, would be your word. There is that which is the truth that the sins of the fathers are visited unto the third and fourth generation. That is, the energetic patterns of perception are handed, one mind to another, until some mind begins to awaken. When you are asleep, and lost in darkness, you will take hold of any hand extended to you. Why? Because your desire is to survive.

The desire, by the way, to survive in the physical form is but an analog, or an expression, or a metaphor, for the soul’s desire to survive in God, to awaken to the Truth of the Christ. I’ve said to you many times that everything is just a symbol for the spiritual journey. So therefore, when you look upon your children, all the children of this planet, of course there is a stage in which they seem to be influenced by the psychic field of the parents, peers, teachers. This recapitulates the fall into the dream of separation and the choice of every soul to awaken. But awakening requires the embrace of humanity’s shadow side, or darkness. You cannot embrace what you do not first own as a part of you. Therefore, the soul takes on the shadow, takes on the cloak of the dream of separation, and then decides whether it will be a victim of that, or whether it will be transfigured in spite of it, and, therefore, overcome the world.

Each soul, in its particular expression, has its own unique dynamics, in terms of how it has fallen under the spell, and how it is choosing to go about requiring or learning the lessons it desires in its way of releasing, bit by bit, fear of the extraordinary Truth of its being.

So, from one perspective, it looks like a child is a poor victim. That is part of the game of separation being played out. In Reality, it is not possible to be a victim. It is not possible to be a victim. Nothing can come unless it is called. The experience of every child is by the sovereign power of that soul. And the lessons that it is garnering are rich and varied.

This is why you cannot compare anyone’s journey. What you can do is honor everyone’s journey.

Never look upon another and say, I’m so sorry you’ve had that experience. Rather, learn to ask of them, What has this taught you? How will you choose to respond to this condition? Will you choose victimhood, or will you choose transfiguration? Which is to say, “Will you accept the power within you to heal, or will you require, through lack of forgiveness, the continuation of your belief that you are small, that you are unworthy.” Which would you choose to create?

I’m not saying do not be compassionate. Quite to the contrary, passion means to enter into passion with. Compassion, community – to join with in passion. But empathy should never be sympathy.

Trust, then, your children and the path that they choose. Indeed, learn to love them as an aspect of your own soul. And yet, give them complete freedom to choose. It isextremely important. The sovereignty of the soul is sacred above all Creation.

Does that help you in regard to your question?

Response: Yes.

Jeshua: You see, often when an adult looks upon the plight of a child, and feels helpless, or feels that this is wrong, or feels anger, all they are doing is expressing a tender point that has not been healed within themselves regarding their own childhood experiences. It is an edge being revealed to them that calls for deeper healing and forgiveness in themselves. For only those that can forgive themselves, only those that have healed within themselves, can, indeed, be of any value in helping another to heal.

I once said unto you that those who speak and work for peace, but do not have peace in their own hearts, accomplish nothing. It is no different than working with a child who’s been abused, who’s been hungry, who’s going through turmoil with peers, whatever it is. If it is activating your emotion, look well to see what might yet remain unhealed within yourself. In other words, take the log out of your own eye, before you attempt to help another with the speck of dust in their own – that looks like a log because you are projecting what is unhealed within yourself. Only the healed mind can assist in the healing of another.