Questions and Answers From The Way of Series – 37

Q37: You say that everyone is Christ, yet even among highly enlightened beings, there seems to be some difference. Does everyone have their own unique soul essence?

A: This is actually a very loaded question. For differences are the effect of perception. That is, ten human beings looking at two enlightened beings might see any number of differences. Some of those differences will be a projection of their own likes and dislikes, and they will, therefore, conclude that one enlightened being is more enlightened than the other enlightened being, which is, of course, a contradiction in terms.

However, it is a great paradox that while Mind is one, while Light is one, Consciousness is one, Awareness is one, Love is one, Creation requires differentiation. In other words, the creation of relationship. It is not possible to know a thing, to even be aware of a thing, except that you have an awareness that it is not another thing. Does that make sense to you? If there was only one thing, that one thing would not even be aware of itself, because it’s all there is. You become aware of yourself by knowing how to distinguish yourself from a flower. Is that not true? Indeed. Therefore, while you are made of the same substance as the flower, there is a distinction in the expression of form.

Creation is extension. Extension is expression. Therefore, each Great Ray of Light, while being of one substance – perfectly the same substance – expresses itself, creation is extended through it, with a subtle nuance of difference – a different twist, a different flavor put on it at a very subtle level. And therefore, each being seems to express a unique individuation. The spell, in the physical dimension of the human mind, is that individuation means separation. It does not. Just as many instruments make up one orchestra that creates its own unique music, so too, do the subtle nuances of differentiation create an orchestration that is called Creation.

Therefore, what is important here is for the mind to realize how much energy it spends trying to conform itself to be what it perceives all the other Great Rays are doing. Do you see? Become your own individuated Ray of Light. You don’t do that by pushing others away. You don’t do that by separating yourself. You do it by loving yourself and following the impulse that comes through the depth of a quiet heart.

To own and embrace your individuation and to let your Light shine, so to speak, your authenticity to shine, you actually experience greater unity with the Universe than you do by trying to hide your Light under a bushel, and then trying to show up as a personality who pleases everybody else by conforming to the world.

You could say that I stood out like a sore thumb. I did not seem to fit in with anybody. And yet, my experience was that the more authentically I expressed myself, in the dimension of space and time, the greater depth of union with my brothers and sisters I experienced. The more honoring and loving of their essence I could be, the more I could discern their essence, because I was claiming my own essence, my own authenticity. Does that make sense for you?

It’s a rather important thing to consider. If you want to love in this world, then you had better individuate yourself and love yourself so uniquely that you do not conform to anybody else’s ideas. You can agree with them, in order to play and create, but don’t conform to them – it’s very, very different. Too many human beings suffer because they think their life is shallow.

They put all their energy into pleasing everybody else, into showing up in just the right way so they never upset anybody’s apple cart. And then they can’t understand why their life feels so shallow.

Individuate! Stand out! Shine! Let the power of the Universe move through you! Become the most unique being anybody’s ever imagined! And when you do that, you will paradoxically feel closer to all of Life than you ever thought possible, for you will be close to your Creator. And when you are close to your Creator, you embrace Creation.