Questions and Answers From The Way of Series – 36

Q36: Jeshua, in A Course In Miracles you say something about the “Great Rays of Light.” What is that about?

A: Indeed, beloved friend, although I did not spend much time in seeking to define it, the Great Rays of Light simply refer to the Truth of each and every one of us. In this way, by way of metaphor, your Creator is as the Central Sun. And out of its overflowing, Rays of Light are cast out. And those Rays of Light are made of one substance with the Light. And yet, something incomprehensible occurs. Each Ray of Light can be seen, in a sense, to stand alone in its relationship to the central Sun. It is made of the same substance as every Great Ray of Light, and each Ray of Light has its own pure potentiality for the creation of experience. The Great Rays of Light, then, refer to the essence of each and every soul. For the soul is an infinite Ray of Light – eternal, unbounded, unborn, and undying.

But there is another level. And this simply means that the Great Rays of Light is like the realm of ideas. Ideas each carry a certain vibration or quality. The Great Rays of Light are the great ideas, the great visions. For instance, forgiveness is a Great Ray of Light. Judgment is a distortion of Light. Unlimitedness is a Great Ray of Light. Fear and contraction and limitation are distortions of that Light. You could think of many more: compassion instead of control, trust instead of fear, and so on.

So Great Rays of Light also refer to the ideas that liberate the mind, the ideas that are eternal and are found in every form of the Universal Curriculum. Indeed, each and every one of you listening to these words is a Great Ray. And the Great Rays have existed with that one central Sun throughout all of eternity. That is the Truth of your being, and it is perhaps the most fundamental Truth that must occur as a Knowingness within the mind: I AM A GREAT RAY OF LIGHT – UNBOUNDED, ETERNAL, UNBORN AND UNDYING! Try as I will, I cannot get away from being a creator, a co- creator. So maybe it’s time I stopped pretending I am less than a Great Ray, and got on with discovering how I can let that Light shine – even in this world.