Questions and Answers From The Way of Series – 32

Q32: Jeshua, could you help us define Knowledge or Knowing?

A: Certainly. Knowing or Knowledge is an immediate quality of feeling. It transcends symbols. Knowledge is the result of revelation, and revelation is always intensely personal. That is, revelation flows across the gap that has seemed to exist between the Mind of God and the mind of the soul, or the Created. It cannot be mediated by symbols, since symbols are removed from Reality.

If you were to try to describe your revelation, you must immediately move into the realm of ideas and words. Words are symbols of symbols, and are thus twice removed from Reality. Ideas are what words are symbols of. Reality is unmediated. It is immediate. All of you have had many, many revelations. In an instant you simply see and know, “Ah! I see. I know. Ah!” Then you let it go. If someone were to ask you, “Well, what just happened?” Then comes the art of trying to communicate through the mediation of words and ideas to give some sense of the revelation.

This is why even the greatest of your mystics, the greatest of your teachers, have tried to utter in words the essence of their revolution, or revelation of awakening (Indeed, it is a revolution, too). Everything that I ever said, when I walked the earth as a man, anything that I have ever said to you, is the artful attempt to use symbols to point you in the direction of some feeling of the revelation that has occurred within my own mind of Christ. It’s just the way it is. There’s not much you can do about it.

The attempt to communicate requires communion. And a teacher seeks the art-filled, art-guided way of evoking a state of communion between his and her mind and the mind of the student, in order to transfer the essence of revelation. Knowing, then, has nothing to do with theology, religion, or a single text that has ever been given. Knowing, or Knowledge, is immediate. It is a Knowing by being that which the mind would seek to know.

When you touch Christ Mind, you know it. Because all of your beingness, the mind, the emotions, the physiology of the body – everything – changes and comes into alignment. And in that moment, there is no possibility or even memory of fear. There is nothing but simply being present. It is timeless, it is eternal, it is peaceful.

Therefore, indeed, beloved friends, come to understand that Knowing is what you seek. And yet, Knowing does require that you begin by acknowledging that you are Christ. Remember always that this is the first and most fundamental act of purification. Your mind will tell you, “No, I’m a wretched sinner. No, I’m not there yet.” That is egoic thinking. You must notice it and say, “No. That cannot be the Truth of me. The Truth of me is that I am the Holy Son of God – now.” You’ve dropped a pebble in the pond that creates ripples that will dissolve the patterns of fear that you once created to replace the Truth.

Knowing and Knowledge has nothing to do with belief. It is beyond belief – quite literally to the world mind. Knowing and Knowledge has nothing to do with theology or religion. It has everything to do with Reality.

That should be sufficient for now. We would suggest that you think deeply about what was said. It, in itself, will drop pebbles in the pond that help dissolve the resistance to Knowledge.