Questions and Answers From The Way of Series – 31

Q31: Could you please elaborate on the Lineage, and how one comes to be in your lineage, and speak of soul groups?

A: First of all, beloved friend, if we approve of you, you might be allowed in.

Now this could, indeed, encompass an entire hour or several hours in itself, since it is a question that deals with the very heart of the dream of separation and the process of the baby’s awakening in the crib.

Within the dream itself, and we have used this analogy for you before, imagine that there is a Light, a singular Light that occupies all of space. You might think of it as a Star that fills all of space, so there’s only the Light of the Star. For some inextricable and unseen reason, that Star bursts into many, many Starlets, if you will, many points of Light that now look as though there’s a multitude, but they’re all made of the same substance: Light.

Each one of them, as that process begins, begins to see itself as unique and separate from the other aspects of the Star that has burst. Each one of them, then, begins to set in motion a vibration that looks like it begins to carry it into different corners of the universe. Different experiences begin to flow out of it, so different vibratory rates are established, would be one way of saying it. And yet, they’re really all occurring within the context of the One Star. And if there had not been that One Star, none of the little points of Light could have any existence whatsoever. They are embraced by the vibratory field of the One Star. They never lose touch with that. They merely express what appears to be variations on a central theme.

Now, as that process continues, eventually, time is birthed. Think about that sentence for a while! – Eventually, time is birthed within the dream. And with time comes space. And with space comes bodies. But bodies are, first, merely condensations of energy, far subtler than what your scientists know as atoms or quarks. And yet, they emerge, as the vibrations continue to create out of the belief of uniqueness, that which coalesces thought as a vibrating energy, called an atom. And atoms coalesce into a multitude of forms, as you well know, since you are one. You are a coalescing of a whole lot of atoms into the appearance of solidity called the body, which you then call “myself.”

So, that’s kind of what occurs. And, again, we could spend many hours discussing the process of the dream, itself – the very mechanics of the dream, itself. Again, please understand: the one baby is awakening. The dream never really occurred; that is, the perception of the reality of the dream never occurred. The valuing the dream over the dreamer has been a mistake. And the dreaming of the dreamer never separated the dreamer from the power of that One that gives forth the freedom to dream.

Understand well, then, there is no uniqueness. Everybody’s doing the same thing. One child is awakening. And that’s all that’s going on. That’s all that’s going on . . . something to think about.