Questions and Answers From The Way of Series – 30

Q30: Each soul has the same purpose, that is, to wake up fully from separation from God. Yet, within the dream, in space and time, based on soul experiences and predilections, do we have our own unique purpose?

A: No. Do you want an elucidation, or is that sufficient?

Response: That’s sufficient. You were the one to tell me to ask this question.

A: Indeed. Beloved friend, this is a question that actually serves to … it brings up into our awareness something that really serves to limit the awakening process itself. The ego places value on form more than content. The egoic mind searches for a form of expression which it hopes will fulfill its perceived purpose, and thereby, grant it what it wants, “Ah, I have done it! See how good I am?”

The only purpose of the soul is to awaken, to allow the transformative process to occur, so that Christ again reigns supreme in a mind where fear had created a substitute. Content is what matters. And the more any mind devotes itself to content, the appropriate forms merely materialize for it. Why? Because the universe, or the world you experience, is nothing more than an outpicturing of the Love of God that is working through the Holy Spirit to create the contexts that allow you to awaken, and, as we said earlier, to give you contexts in which you can become more and more skilled as a conduit for the extension of Love.

Uniqueness, once again, is an ego interpretation. For instance, there is nothing unique about me showing up as the primary spokesperson for that which I once referred to as the “lineage.” There is nothing unique about this, my beloved brother, who joins with me in this process. It may look unique to some minds. And some may say, “Oh, Jeshua. What he’s doing is so unique among all the masters!”

That is a projection. All things have one function: the healing of the Sonship so that Love can be extended sanely from the Mind of God through His Creation, Who is Christ. That’s all. You could see those things as two sides of one coin.

There’s nothing unique in what I do. There is nothing unique in what you do. It only appears that you’re in a different place and a different dimension. And the actions of the body make you think that what you’re doing is unique or different from somebody else’s function. The ego compares itself to others. It measures its worthiness by thinking about everybody else’s function. It does not see that it is merely projecting its own value onto what everybody else is doing.

Only one thing is occurring: mind is waking up. To give you a picture that would help you in this, imagine that one baby lays its head down on a pillow in its crib, and begins to dream. And part of that dream becomes the process of its own wakefulness, as the first rays of dawn begin to touch the crib through the open window. One baby, all by itself, resting in a crib, dreaming a dream, and then stirring itself to wakefulness.

The Sonship is that one baby. And you participate perfectly within it. Body-minds not withstanding – they do come and go, of course. It looks like there is a multiplicity, but there is only mind. And it is mind that is waking. One purpose . . . how can you find uniqueness when there is only one baby in the process of doing one thing – awakening, giving up dreams, stepping back into the wakefulness of Reality?

Therefore, to all of you, I want very much to encourage you to be very aware, and very wary of, the tendency within the mind to become attracted to what looks like a unique function. And the pictures that the mind gets, the fantasies that it creates about becoming a great president, about becoming a great anything, that is always secondary. And it is the ego that does those things. The mind that is informed by Love is merely available awake where it happens to find itself, doing what it happens to be doing. And it sees clearly that all power under Heaven and Earth is flowing through it, and is available in that moment to serve the one function of the healing and restoration of the Sonship. Where the body-mind happens to find itself is only secondarily of importance. Does that help you in that regard?

Response: Yes.