Questions and Answers From The Way of Series – 24

Q24: Then this is a metaphor—vulnerability. Did you learn that on the cross? Was that the message of the cross? Vulnerability and invincibility?

A: Yes. For you see, vulnerability is the willingness to embrace the world as it is, to reveal yourself to the world, to give up constriction and self-protection, which carries you through to invincibility. And another way of saying it is that the meaning, or the teaching, of my own personal experience of crucifixion . . . and it was only my learning experience; there’s no need for anyone to repeat it. And frankly, there are many more gentle ways to awaken. Another way of putting it is that I made the decision to discover my power to rest as the presence of Love in the most hideous conditions that I could imagine and bring forth to myself in that time frame. I made myself vulnerable to the experience for a perfectly selfish reason: to return, finally and fully, to perfect invincibility, perfect invulnerability – the presence of Love. And Love embraces all things, heals all things, trusts all things, and thereby, immediately [snaps fingers] transcends all things.

Yes. Although, beloved brother, it does appear that for you, crucifixion may yet be necessary. [laughter] Merely crucify the memories that, because of your prayer, are now being helped to be brought up into your memory. Crucify them with the Love of Christ. Allow. Allow. Allow. Embrace. Feel. Bless. Transcend. After all, what else do you have to do with your time?

So, then, is there anything else? We already know that you are okay. The only question is, will you embrace that reality?

Therefore, indeed, I will take my leave of you. As my brothers and sisters who are with me, shall we say, grant me permission to be with you in the answering of these questions, as the one to whom there are many who still require personal relationship with me. Perfectly okay, I don’t mind at all.

Remember then, who you are. And wherever you are in this moment, why not drop your seriousness ? Just for the fun of it! And simply hold the thought, I abide in my Father’s Kingdom. And only Love reigns here. Thanks be to God! [laughter] That is the effect. Indeed!

Be you, therefore, at peace, once again, beloved friends. We will continue again when you have had your thirty days. Amen.