Questions and Answers From The Way of Series – 21

Q21: Who are the other masters occasionally mentioned?

A: Indeed, unto you, beloved friend who has asked the question. Rest assured that during this coming year, your question will be rather continually answered. We will begin in this, what you call your monthly tape, to share with you that from the moment I first, shall we say, “kissed” the edge of the mind field of awareness that I call my beloved brother, the one that you would perceive to be Jon Marc, others were present with me. For is not a journey more delightful when your friends go with you?

And chief among these friends is one that has come to be known to the world as Germain, or Saint Germain. This one is a brother and friend, with whom there is a resonance. And so, we delight in creating communications together – in many different ways, and with many different beings, in many different dimensions. We have walked together in physical form during the time of the incarnation you would call mine, as Jeshua ben Joseph. And I have shared the story of who this one was in other times.

Also, the one that you know as Mary is, of course, with me often, as my friend and my equal. There are many other masters. And remember, a master is one who has transcended limited perception of the Self. Therefore, those with whom I am enjoined as I create a certain form of communication, a certain vibration of communication, through A Course in Miracles, through this, my beloved brother, and as well, through many others . . . there are many beings, these masters, who are joined with me.

But they are exactly what you are. The only difference is that somewhere along the line, they decided to use time constructively to remember the Self that they are. And as they recultivated the true awareness of themselves as the embodiment of Christ, the Thought of Love in form, they simply began to play in grander dimensions. The stakes were higher – not in a negative way, just in a playful way.

All of the ones that we will be sharing with you have known physical incarnation and were like drops in a certain field that created a vibration or a resonance, a strand, that we call the Lineage when we speak with this, my beloved brother, privately. That Lineage extends back, as you would perceive time, back through my time, back through Germain’s time, Mary’s time, back through the time of Enoch, back through the time of Moses and Elijah. There is a strand of masters, if you will, who have become friends, and have created a resonance.

Imagine many flute players coming together and going, Oh, well, let’s make some music. So we find a way to bring our favorite notes into harmony to create a vibration that fills the auditorium with that which is pleasurable and attracts those outside the auditorium to come in and sit down and partake in the music. That is an image, of course, of what our consciousness does when we join and blend together. Indeed, they have always been present in this form of my communication with you through this, my beloved brother. And we will be identifying them, and also this year, allowing them to have a few moments, shall we say, “on the stage” of verbalization to you.

But you are also a master when you decide to see yourself as such, and assume responsibility for the experiences you are creating. Then, you take up your rightful place. You join the dance. You participate within the Lineage. And you can join with a multitude of masters, beings of Light, creating universes that are designed for nothing else but praise of God, or whatever you wish. You’ll always find willing partners in the great field of creation that is the Mind of Christ.

That should be sufficient for this one for now.