Questions and Answers From The Way of Series – 19

Q19: There seem to be many, many women who tap into memories and experiences of being Mary Magdalene. Can you talk about that, or the fragmentation of that one soul?

A: Beloved friend, we would suggest here there are many in what you call the male body that also hold secretly that very same thing, a little more deeply, because they would perceive that it would truly be seen or perceived as insanity.

Well, since I only have this kind of apparatus . . . what you call the plumbing and that which helps to – in the procreation process of the body, since it is of a certain type, surely I could not possibly have ever known incarnation in any other kind of form. So, if I say to another “I believe I’ve tapped into being – having been – Mary, the one that you speak of,” but then I would certainly be laughed at. Because, after all, my chest has too much hair on it. But no, I don’t believe I’m just the body! [Laughter]

Now, what occurs? In the beginning, Mind is One. You – we speak to all you’s – were that Mind. A dream was dreamt in which fragmentation seems to have occurred.
In that fragmentation, it is as though many individual points of light, souls, sparks of Ddvinity, call yourself whatever you want, call yourself a burp in the Mind of God . . . it doesn’t matter. That is the result of the dream of separation, which, in Reality, never occurred.

It does rather boggle the mind – thank God for that! In that process, many worlds have been birthed, and continue to be birthed, by Mind as It perceives Itself as fragmented. In one tiny, tiny, tiny speck of dust or speck of light, a world was birthed that you call the Earth, and all life forms with it. And in that tiny speck, a time frame was evolved or created in which human bodies were given names. And minds believe themselves to be, much as you still do yet today, that you are somehow something other than the one who sits apart or across from you, just because there’s a body that creates the perception that there’s a distance from you.

One such very temporary illusory fragmentation is that one known as Mary of Magdalene, Mary of Magdala. Within that dream, one emerged known as Jeshua ben Joseph. And in the process of that expression of that dream, these two, shall we say, looked upon each other and went, Oh, my goodness! How sweet it is!

That is, as souls, as yet still parts of that dream – it’s not that we’re from someplace higher than you. We’re all in it together, since Mind is One.

In that dream, there was relationship, 2,000 years ago in embodied form, between two Sparks of the same Mind, manifesting as individualized consciousness. One is called Jeshua, one is called Mary. And a rather nice friendship evolved in which one seemed to serve as the teacher and the savior, and the healer of the other, who then, in turn, served as supporter, healer and awakener of the other.

Now here’s the point: That individualized focus of light lives within everyone. How could it be other than that? Just as I, as an individualized aspect of the dream, abide wholly in everyone. You, again speaking to all of you, could not begin to recognize me as Jeshua ben Joseph, that individualized spark of divinity that somehow got its “stuff” cleared up enough to remember the Truth and let it shine through. You could not know me or remember me, if I was not you. It takes one to recognize one.

So when you approach the question of Mary Magdalene from the perspective that there is something separate from yourself to begin with, you’ll end up with all kinds of fantastic perceptions and philosophies. Now, within the dream, that one, who’s really you, experienced a process of healing and awakening, a transformation, a healing of the heart, experienced relationship with me and many others, experienced passion and sensuality – what you call the little sparks that excite the cells. When this one died – and death is an illusion – that crystallized contraction of energy has, in itself, never incarnated again.

However, it has -in a sense, you could perceive it this way – extended or radiated aspects or strands of light of its own being that have made a home in other individualized body-minds. And therefore, in the process of healing and awakening, This one needs to be looked upon as a symbol of an aspect of the part of consciousness that is awakening within yourself – that part that can recognize and love Christ and take Christ into its arms, your arms, and embrace it as the Beloved.

It is time to release the insane perception that there is a separate you, distinct from all other you’s, that has incarnated over and over again. We talk this way because a teacher must have a form of language that the student can understand. But the point is to lead beyond that language and understanding, to release the attachment and the value that has been placed on an individualized past. And to anyone who feels that they must have been Mary: You’re not special. Do not make the egoic mistake of claiming That one as yourself, in order to feel special or closer to God.

Your value is not found in the past. It is not found in who you were, but in who you are choosing to be now. And if your name is Fred or Ralph or Hazel, it doesn’t matter. For Hazel can be just as Christed as Mary ever was. And indeed, Hazel must become Christed in order to be free.

It is the egoic mind that looks to the past. It is the egoic mind that requires specialness. It is the egoic mind that simply refuses to let you, so to speak, settle in to be Hazel, or Fred, or George, or Anastasia. These are merely sounds floating in the ethers that designate a temporary aspect of Christ’s incarnation. So you’re beginning to see, then, why there can be so many Mary’s. Some are sincerely tapping into that aspect of the one Mind. Some need to create the illusion that they were that one because they refuse to heal the holes in their bucket where they are, and seek to reach back and find that energy in another and make it their own. It is called special relationship.

Look well, then, and see: Is there anything lingering in me which needs to reach out to grab another part of myself in some ancient past so that I can finally feel I have some measure of worthiness? The only thing that defines your worthiness is how well you are choosing to be the embodiment of Christed consciousness now.

This is why I once taught, and continue to teach, that belief in reincarnation is not necessary for awakening. And if you think it is, you may rest assured that, if there’s anything unhealed from the past, it is with you now. Learn to look only to how you are now. For there you will discover the effects of what was not healed in what you perceive to be the past.

You need not go to the great Akashic Record Library and research yourself on the cosmic microfiche of the world in order to discover who you were, so that you will understand why you’re such a schmuck now. [Laughter]

There, I finally got it! Whew! Ah, that explains everything. As you down yet another beer. You are creating your schmuckness nowhere but right now. To those that seem to feel an affection for the John’s, and the Mary’s, and the Peter’s, the Judas’s, notice that it’s coming up in your consciousness so that you can make the decision to love that expression of the dream and see the Christedness that is its essence. Bring it into yourself. Love it. Let it go. Let it be assimilated to that which you are.

Therefore, for all of you, then, to contemplate, especially if you’re feeling some affection or attraction or identification with this Mary, why not stop keeping her at arm’s length and, in your meditation, ask yourself, What are the qualities of that one that make me feel so affectionate toward her? What is it in her that I desire to have within myself?

And bring those qualities in. Again, as though you were a sponge. Make them part of your being. Overcome the fragmentation that has occurred in the dream of separation. Does that make sense for you?

Now, I know that what I’ve just shared might give a few a bit of a start when they hear these words. If it does, it only means that they’re yet needing to perceive themselves as having some special form of relationship that somehow got lost in an ancient past. No. It is not lost. And they must take another step and realize that they have to start doing the work, if that is what it is perceived to be, of getting on with what has not been completed here and now. Am I embodying Christed consciousness? Yes or no. What steps do I need to take to do that? That’s all there ever is.

That should suffice for now. The only other alternative, of course, is to remain in the kingdom of schmuckness.