Questions and Answers From The Way of Series – 14

Q14: Can you talk about initiations, and passing through them, and, then, having similar energies represent themselves again at a different level of the spiral?

A: Beloved friend, you’ve already done all that needs to be said. Initiations are those experiences which you cannot formally set up ahead of time. You can have the commitment, the intention, the dedication to awakening and healing and birthing Christ. Then you let the Holy Spirit take care of the details. Those details become, at times, windows, doorways, initiations.

To use a very simple example, imagine one who is sitting at the feet of a master learning the grand art of deep meditation. Then, one day the master says, Oh, by the way, I need you to fly from the Himalayas to New York City to delivery a letter. Would you mind doing that?

No problem. And the student takes the letter and gets on the plane – after spending 16 years in the cave in the Himalayas – and goes to New York City. Initiation time. Can that student draw on what he has learned to be at peace in this new world? Hmm?

Now, it is very true that the process by which you let yourself awaken to the reality that ascension is already over with, carries you through the spiral of time and through dimensions and worlds. And so you will often come back around to experience similar energies that you experienced before. But now you are different. There is more of you that can embrace those energies being presented to you. The initiation comes in that because the old energies presenting themselves once had a certain effect, the first thing that they will kick up in your consciousness is the old effect, as a memory.

The initiation comes in this: Will you recognize that you are free to choose differently, or will you let the old association, the old memory, dictate your choice of perception and behavior?

When the old memory, the old reactive pattern, is that which dictates your choice, you have failed your initiation. And when you fail a course, you must repeat it.

But when you look at it and say, “Oh, there are those energies again. I used to be very judgmental here. I used to flee. This time, I’m going to stay. I’m going to breathe. I’m going to use this as an opportunity to teach only Love, to extend forgiveness, whatever the lesson may be. Because there’s more of me available, I am safe to turn and embrace what once defeated me.”

Now, you may not break off the entire chunk. Or you may. You may be done with it. And you’ll know that you’re done with it, because the next time you come around in this spiral and the world presents to you that old energy, you’ll see right through it. And there will be no reactive pattern, whatsoever. You’ll merely look and say, “Oh, yes. I’ve been there before. It’s boring to me now.”

The new pattern will simply guide your way – the pattern of forgiveness, the pattern of Love, the pattern of being at peace, no matter what the world seems to be doing. If one is projecting on you, whereas before you may have been in fear, then when you come around (you’ve succeeded in your initiation), and one projects their things on you, you merely sit and see through the delusion of consciousness that your brother on sister is living in. And you see the Christ within them. And quietly, you bless them, in order to bless yourself.

Initiations are what time is all about. Do you feel complete with that?.

Response: Uh-huh. Thank you. Done with questions.

Jeshua: Hmm! We will see. Remember, beloved friend, there is a place within you that already contains all answers. The day will come when you trust that so much that you’ll no longer even be interested in spending the time to ask me. We speak of questions you would ask for yourself, not as a service to others.