Questions and Answers From The Way of Series – 11

Q11: What is the difference between that which needs to be healed and just being the perfect being we are?

A: There is no difference. When you are, in Truth, being the perfect being that you are, you will find that there is an absence of resistance. The mind that seeks to try to understand what must be healed, or the mind that says, Well, this is coming up and I really don’t think that’s who and what I am anyway, so why don’t I just abide in some spiritual realm? That mind is in resistance. It has lost its humility. It has lost its perfect trust that the Father of all things knows how to guide you home. And home is merely back to a place where you become willing to allow something to be extended through you.

Let me share with all of you something that’s rather important that has not truly been brought out as clearly as it needs to be. Often, when something comes up for healing, it is an energy – listen well, especially my dear friend from Washington who asked a question earlier – although you seem to associate it with some memory or experience that you think is within your very private realm of experience, what is actually coming up to be healed is an energy that is involved and is controlling the life of another soul. It’s being presented to your consciousness because you are at a place where you have the power and the clarity to understand that it can be healed.

And that is why when you choose healing, when you don’t resist what comes up, when you realize that Love trusts all things, embraces all things, allows all things and transcends all things, when you realize that you are merely the bringer of Love, then it doesn’t matter what comes up! Oh! This needs healing.

And you heal it from an impersonal level. You don’t identify with it, even if you think it’s linked somehow to something you are quite certain has been part of your past experience.

Sometimes you can’t even remember where you put your car keys. How do you know for sure it’s from your past? Just heal it. Because when you do that, you are being the perfection of the beingness you are. You are being Christ that is saying, “Come and lay your sins upon the altar of my Heart, and I will heal it for you.”

It doesn’t matter where it came from. It doesn’t matter who caused it. All that matters is the healing. If it comes up and you recognize there’s an obstacle, something that requires healing from the perfection of your being, wrap the Love of Christ around it and heal it. And when you do that, you uplift a brother or sister who you may never physically meet.

If your commitment is to Christ, your commitment is to the healing of anything that is unlike Love. It’s mere entertainment to try to figure out whether its your stuff or somebody else’s. Does it matter? And is there a separation between you and all of your brothers and sisters? To assist another to heal is to heal yourself. To heal yourself is to uplift another. There is only Love and fear. Ultimately, you are really just healing fear by bringing Love to it.

There seem to be many minds and individuals through which Love and fear seem to battle for ascendancy. That is like the waves on top of the ocean. In this realm of experience, you believe that there are many separate minds. Ultimately you are all but an aspect of one another. And there is only one Child of God that exists. Heal what is presented to your consciousness, and stop identifying it as yours. There is Love. There is fear. There is the need to heal, which is the bridge between the two. Will you choose to identify as fear and, therefore, deny Love? Or will you identify yourself as Love and get on with it? If you are abiding in the perfection of your being, I believe the answer becomes self evident.

So! There are so many that come and ask me questions, but I never get to ask one. So I’m going to ask a question. Will you, you who hear these words, will you be willing to be the Light that lights this world, by fully becoming committed, in each moment and with each breath, to the choice for healing through Love and forgiveness? Just something to think about from time to time. Peace be with you, then.

And those of you that are listening to this tape, or hearing these words and are near the time when you are to lay the body down and get the precious “beauty sleep” you need, will you rest your head upon the pillow this evening and give me just a moment of your time by acknowledging that you know that there is no distance between us at all, save the width of a thought you would choose to think? Think, therefore, and know that I am with you. And we will, indeed, journey together while the body slumbers.

Peace be with you always. Amen.